The Truth About Stomach Flu

if your child abruptly has an attack of diarrhea and vomiting, and that overover the counter whinge of a stomachache, you may think to yourself, "stomach flu."

No, no longer absolutely.

what is frequently referred to as "stomach flu" is gastroenteritis, an contamination of over-the-counter belly and intestines. The flu, or influenza, is extraordinary. It causes sore throats, runny noses, and trendy aches and pains. It rarely reasons belly problems.

Viral infections are over-the-counter same oldover the counter motive of gastroenteritis. bacteria can over-the-counter bring it on.

The sickness commonly passes in about 10 days with out medication. the first few days have a tendency to be over the counter worst, but you may take steps to help your infant get via it.


provide masses of fluid. over-the-counter largest hazard from gastroenteritis is dehydration. because of over-the-counter vomiting and diarrhea, your child's body loses extra fluids than it takes in. So over the counter maximum important factor you can do is maintain your toddler hydrated, says Andrew Nowalk, MD, PhD. he is an assistant professor of pediatrics at children's health facility of Pittsburgh.sor of pediatrics at children's health facility of Pittsburgh.

now not simply any fluid will do. Water is right, but in a few cases, it can not be enough. It may not update over-the-counter crucial electrolytes (salt, sugars, and minerals) your infant's body loses whilst it is dehydrated.

drinks that do replace salt and minerals are referred to as electrolyte solutions or oral rehydration solutions. you could buy over-the-counterm at your neighborhood drugstore. over the counter also be bottle-fed to infants.

some sports drinks promise to update electrolytes as nicely. over-the-countery have a variety of sugar however are ok for most faculty-age children and teenagers. over-the-counterover the counter no longer a good concept for extremely younger children, although, says Peggy Pelish, PhD. She's an accomplice professor with over-the-counter college of Nebraska medical center college of Nursing.

maintain youngsters far from milk. it could make belly problems worse. docs advise clear fluids. in case you're over the counter parent of a young toddler, speak over-the-counter health practitioner about breastfeeding or formula.

drinks which have a whole lot of acid (orange juice) or caffeine can also reason stomach troubles and pain.

too much of even over the counter right form of liquid could make vomiting worse if given too rapidly, so take it slow over-the-counter start and ensure it doesn’t make over the counter problem worse. attempt 1 teaspoon every four to five minutes, Nowalk says.

Introduce meals slowly. once your child can drink liquid and maintain it down, you could begin adding food. but hold it bland. attempt bananas, bread, rice, applesauce, and toast first. fowl noodle soup and crackers also are accurate choices. once you already know over-the-counter are happening ok, you can attempt lean meat and cooked greens.

do not supply your unwell toddler foods which are fried, spicy, fatty, or have quite a few acid. over-the-counter make belly troubles worse.

bypass 2f2874cf80c036e5b52269eaf5ddfe83 meds. With gastroenteritis, time certainly is over the counter pleasant medication. when your infant is ill, you may be tempted to present over-the-counterm 2f2874cf80c036e5b52269eaf5ddfe83 drug treatments. As tough as it can be, do not do it. no longer most effective will maximum medicinal drugs now not help, over-the-countery willover the counter even make it worse. The vomiting and diarrhea are over the counter body’s manner to combat over the counter contamination by usingover the counter casting off over-the-counter whole thing. You don’t need to prevent that technique. simply ensure your infant remains hydrated.

Ibuprofen can disillusioned your toddler's belly even extra, and acetaminophen can cause liver problems. Antibiotics don't assist against viruses (over-the-counter fact that over-the-countery do in opposition to micro organism). And anti-diarrhea or anti-vomiting medicines could make over the counter infection ultimate longer. They also can be dangerous for very young youngsters.

over-the-counterover the counter one exception: in case your infant has a fever, you could supply over the counterm acetaminophen or ibuprofen to deliver it down. aside from that, stay with fluids and bland ingredients.
whilst to see Your physician

maximum instances of gastroenteritis depart on over-the-counterir personal. See over-the-counter medical doctor if over the counter vomiting and diarrhea keep quite a number days, or in case you note any signs of dehydration like:

not urinating
Dry mouth (no saliva)
Crying with out tears
Fever over 102 F
loss of electricity
smooth spot at the top of over the counter child's head is sunken.
Blood or pus in stool or vomit, or having a darkish, tarry stool
Your toddler can also need to get checked sooner over-the-counterover the counter have other conditions, over-the-counter diabetes, that placed over-the-counterm at better chance for fluid loss.

Prevention Is over-the-counter best medication

comply with those clean steps:  

Get your baby vaccinated towards rotavirus, that is over-the-counter most commonplace purpose of gastroenteritis.
Wash palms often with heat cleaning soap and water, mainly whilst you operate over-the-counterover the counter, alternate diapers, and before and when you handle meals. "excellent cleaning soap and water hand-washing might be our excellent protection," Nowalk says.
Wash all fruits and veggies earlier than ingesting over-the-counterm. cook meat over-the-counter manner via. this will prevent gastroenteritis caused by bacteria.
If over the counter diarrhea doesn’t go away, has blood in it, or in case you and your baby were over-the-counter travelling internationallyover the counter to sure components of over the counter, your doctor can also need to run some exams and may prescribe antibiotics.

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