June 12, 2017 -- Laura, who lives within the Atlanta suburb of Roswell, volunteered to have her water examined while the North Fulton County water device contacted her in 2015. She had examine the stunning stories about Flint, MI, and become curious approximately her very own plumbing.

“I desired to understand, for my part, what the water changed into like in which I lived,” says Laura, who asked us no longer to apply her complete name out of problem that it might have an effect on her home fee. “however they never accompanied up or sent me something. It became sort of frustrating, 'purpose I hurried up and were given the bottle and did it.”

“i assumed everything become good enough,” she says.

the whole lot turned into now not adequate. Her lead result was excessive -- 25 parts consistent with billion. The U.S. Environmental protection business enterprise’s restrict is 15 components in keeping with billion.

but Laura didn’t discover about the end result till a reporter called—nearly  years later—to ask her about it.Federal law gives water utilities 30 days once they get test effects to tell owners.

David Clark, public works director for Fulton County, confirmed that they failed to send effects to any of the checking out volunteers. “That become an oversight on our element, and we’ve taken steps to rectify that,” he says.

In Sebring, OH, water operators waited 3 months longer than the law allowed to inform customers in 2015 that their water had tested excessive for lead. The Ohio legal professional fashionable filed 3 crook prices against the Sebring water plant superintendent.  state personnel had been fired.

In Georgia, the nation reputedly has no longer taken any movement towards the North Fulton County water software, although the device has acquired repeated written warnings -- 5 considering that 2004 -- for failing to tell clients about their water first-class speedy enough. state officials did not respond to our inquiry about the scenario.

“I’m alarmed, truely,” Laura says.

“Lead is not some thing to play around with. We’re nevertheless locating out what it is able to do to human beings,” she says. “This isn’t a truthful test if you’re not going to give absolutely everyone their results.”

Laura’s is one among fifty seven man or woman addresses in Georgia that tested high for lead in water in 2015, in keeping with the Georgia Environmental protection department.

That may not sound like a lot, but mid-size and massive public water structures only take a look at a small quantity of all of the homes they serve -- generally among 30 and 50 houses in each sampling period.

residents who get their faucet water examined for lead are always speculated to be notified of the outcomes, whether the test revealed high lead ranges or now not.

Water structures are required to alert all their clients to steer problems when more than 10% of houses they take a look at exceed the EPA’s “movement level.” It’s referred to as an action degree because water utilities are required to take steps to treat water and teach the public if they exceed it. In the ones instances, the law offers water structures 60 days to try this public training.

Federal regulators are operating to improve lead notifications.

In December, Congress surpassed modifications to the secure ingesting Water Act as a way to speed up how quickly house owners discover while checks display excessive lead levels. For a single family with a high stage, the EPA indicates that observe need to occur within 24 hours of the water system getting the take a look at effects. the new amendments also supply the EPA a way to step in if the state and the water gadget fail to notify customers in a well timed style.

For her component, Laura is trying to get her water retested to verify the excessive end result, and he or she’s trying to research more approximately how lead in her consuming water may additionally have affected her fitness.

“I do hope that North Fulton County faces a few effects at the kingdom and federal levels for that desire” now not to go back the check effects, she says.